A Note from the Candidate


Hello, thank you for visiting votedevinbone.com!  I'm excited at the prospect of representing the 19th District of Oakland County as its County Commissioner, and hope to earn your vote in the Democratic Primary Election on August 7, 2018.  

For information on how to vote, click here.

I believe, first and foremost, in access and accountability for candidates and elected officials.  There are hundreds of issues that affect the constituents of the 19th District and simply no way to address them all adequately here.  Therefore, I strongly urge anyone with questions regarding a specific issue to contact me at the email below.  I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible.  If elected, I will continue to promote accessibility to all of my constituents in this manner. 

Serving as an elected official is a high honor.  It's a goal I've held since graduating high school over ten years ago.  Public service was the primary force behind my interest in attending law school and becoming a lawyer.  Like many people, I've become disenchanted with the state of politics in Michigan and beyond.  It seems that a vast majority of public servants are no longer motivated to serve their constituents.  They'd rather focus on the agendas of special interests and their respective political parties.  I've voted and voted often for candidates I believed would change this status quo, to no avail.  It is my goal, if elected, to serve as a publicly elected official should.  The wants and needs of my constituents will be the driving force in my policy decisions.  Special interest, donors, and political affiliations will have no weight in my votes.  

I look forward to serving the 19th District and putting its constituents first. 

- Devin Bone

Why should you vote bone?

Put simply, Devin stands for a change in the status quo.  He is committed to putting the concerns  and demands of all constituents above special interests and party politics.  To that end, Devin does not accept campaign contributions from special interests.  In fact, Devin does not solicit any campaign contributions from any third parties.  His goal is simple: providing exemplary representation to all of his constituents in the 19th District of Oakland County.

Politics are dominated by the "party first" mentality, i.e. the goals of the party (Republican or Democrat) are put ahead of the interest of each representatives' constituents.  You see examples of this on a daily basis in the news or on social media.  Republicans represented by an elected Democrat have little-to-no voice, and Democrats represented by Republicans similarly have limited input on important policy initiatives.  Devin's approach to government is different.  If elected, Devin intends on representing all residents of the 19th District equally, providing equal access and attention to all individuals, regardless of party affiliation or political ideology.  That means balancing competing ideologies and goals of all constituents to find mutually beneficial policies that satisfy the underlying interest of as many individuals as possible, regardless of political affiliation. 


Devin's leadership style relies heavily on listening and compromise.  He is an trained mediator and has brokered complicated negotiations in his professional career as a lawyer representing businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries. He understands the balance between meeting in the middle when needed, but standing firm on important issues.   

If elected, Devin plans on engaging with all elected officials, regardless of political affiliation, to develop policies that benefit all members of the community.  In doing so, he will rely heavily on input from his constituents.  Devin believes firmly in passive leadership, or putting the interests and needs of his constituents before his own.  True democratic representation requires constant input and guidance from the community.  All actions taken by Devin will be guided, first and foremost, by the demands of the residents of the 19th District of Oakland County.  If elected, Devin will strive to hold monthly town halls where he can meet constituents directly and listen to their concerns. 

Personal Beliefs and Ideology

On a personal level, Devin is defined by his optimism and refusal to say "no."  He's always open to taking on new challenges and constantly looking for constructive criticism and feedback.  He believes strongly in learning through experience and maintaining humility.  Devin is the first to make a self-deprecating joke and push compliments off onto others.  Above all else, Devin's goal is to treat everyone with respect and include them in the decision making process. 

From an ideology standpoint, Devin maintains a moderate view of governing.  He strongly believes in promoting individual liberties and equality as broadly as possible.  He stands for representing and promoting those in the community who traditionally have no voice.  Further, Devin believes in promoting and increasing funding to public services including safety, education, parks and recreation, roads, and similar commodities used by everyone.  

However, Devin stands for fiscal responsibility and limiting the financial burden on residents of Oakland County.  This requires careful attention to the County budget and cutting unnecessary expenditures where needed.  Don't mistake an interest in promoting public safety with an affinity for needless spending.  Fiscal responsibility and the promotion of public resources are not mutually exclusive. 

Positions and Goals

If elected, Devin will focus on the following overarching goals:

  • Facilitating cooperation between Oakland County, Wayne County, and Macomb County issues affecting the tri-county area, including public transportation;
  • Continuing to develop a business-friendly environment for businesses in Oakland County, specifically small businesses, start ups, and family-owned establishments;
  • Protecting and promoting public services (including education, safety); and
  • Reforming election procedures for nonpartisan filers.

Devin's Professional background

Devin is a fourth year attorney at a commercial and securities litigation law firm located in Oakland County, Michigan.  His practice involves advising small and medium size businesses in a variety of transaction and litigation matters.  He is an experienced trial attorney, having conducted trials, arbitrations, and other legal proceedings in Michigan and around the United States.  His practice focuses primarily on securities matters, which range from ensuring his clients comply with federal and state securities laws to shareholder disputes and related litigation.  

In addition to his law practice, Devin is active in two non-profits.  He is a director and assistant corporate secretary of White Collar Sports, a non-profit aimed at providing educational and networking opportunities to student athletes around the state of Michigan.  Additionally, Devin is the founder and Executive Director of Red Fox Legal Services, which intends on providing free legal services to disadvantaged individuals, who were taken advantage of by fiduciaries.  

Devin attended Michigan State University, graduating from his undergraduate program in 2011 and from the Michigan State University College of Law in 2014.  


how to vote

(1) Vote IN PERSON on August 7, 2018

To vote in the Democratic Primary in person, simply appear at your polling location between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM on August 7, 2018.  You can find your polling location by entering your information here.

(2) Request an ABSENTEE BALLOT

If you are unavailable to vote in person on August 7, 2018, you may request an absentee ballot.  

In order to request an absentee ballot, fill out the Absent Voter Ballot Application (available online here) and mail the completed form to the Oakland County Clerk at the following address:

Lisa Brown, Oakland County Clerk
Oakland County Clerk Register Of Deeds
1200 N. Telegraph, Building 12 East
Pontiac MI 48341

Please note, Absent Voter Ballot Applications must be received by the Oakland County Clerk before August 4, 2018.  Then, absentee voters must complete and submit their absentee ballot by 8:00 PM on August 7, 2018.  So, the sooner you request your ballot and vote, the better! 

Fast Facts about Devin

  • Devin is a resident of Berkley, Michigan

  • He plays several musical instruments, including tuba, piano, guitar, and drums

  • Devin was a member of the Spartan Marching Band while attending Michigan State University

  • Devin's hobbies include gardening, refinishing furniture, and photography

  • He is a trained mediator and coaches mediation clinics at Michigan State College of Law

  • In his spare time, Devin plays hockey and is currently training to run his second full marathon

Contact Information

Devin encourages the residents of Berkley and Royal Oak to reach out with any and all questions or comments they have regarding his goals, policies, opinions, etc.   He may be reached at the following email address: votebone@gmail.com

Devin will also be going door to door from June 1, 2018 through August 1, 2018.  He will provide additional contact information to individuals interested in further discussions at that time.  

Devin does not use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  You may find his LinkedIn page here.